Have a Pregnancy Awareness Month Event in your HomeTown!

Is there a Pregnancy Awareness Event in your city (check our calendar)?

If not, you can start one!  We at P.A.M. are looking for people and organizations to partner with in taking our message to a broader audience.

We have developed our Licensed Events Program to create opportunities for groups of women to benefit from our presence and outreach.  Women will be able to connect with a wider audience through our website and sponsor participation, which will allow them to learn how to tap into resources within themselves and their communities.

We can help you create and plan your own event for the women in your community. Contact our Licensed Events Coordinator, Rachael Lingle at events@pregnancyawareness.com or (562) 682-1853*

Event Ideas:

  • Expo Event featuring local and national sponsors
  • Speaker – OBGYN, fertility specialist, mid-wife, hospital tour
  • Exercise – pre-natal yoga classes or walking club
  • Author presentation / book signing
  • Tour of hospital or birthing center
  • Healthy Eating while pregnant – cooking class, food education
  • Movie viewing, e.g. What To Expect

May is Pregnancy Awareness Month.  Our mission is to inspire women to develop the confidence to make conscious decisions about pregnancy and becoming pregnant.  For a minimal investment, you can become part of a bigger, national campaign to support healthy pregnancies!

*licensing fees apply


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