Making Memories During the Holidays – Salt Dough Ornaments

The Holiday season is a great time to make memories and start traditions. Our family buys ornaments every year and has them customized with our name and the year, but this year we are adding salt dough ornaments to our family traditions. Salt dough ornaments allow you to create a hand print project every year that you can customize with your child’s name.

This year my kiddos are making a couple different versions for family and teachers. This one will be for fun…

This one will be for family …

If you are celebrating a new little one, you can capture their little feet with salt dough too. This is perfect for your own tree as well as grandma’s tree.

You can find the perfect salt dough ornament for your family on Pinterest here: There are hundreds of ideas for crafts, ornaments and fun projects that you can make into a family tradition or share with family and friends, teachers and coaches and more.




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