P.A.M.’s Pick for Holiday Music & GIVEAWAY

Have you met Renee & Jeremy? If your answer is “not yet”, please allow me to introduce you. R&J, as their fans refer to them, are an uber-talented duo, which broke out onto the kid’s & family music scene with the sweetest of lullabies. Their music aged as their children did, and the next 2 cd’s evolved into sophisticated pop and covers that children adore, and parents just can’t stop singing. Their latest EP release, “Sunny Christmas” is just that, warm, fun, and an incredibly enjoyable holiday spin.

They combine a perfect blend of whimsy with sophistication in all of their music. It isn’t easy to hit the target of the dual audience (parents and children) with such style and grace. I think the secret to R&J is the delectable combination of being music artists true to the bone, and seriously conscious parents. No, they are not married to each other; they have their own families and found each other musically after their children were on the scene. Clearly they fall back onto both foundations to deliver the yummy concoctions of R&J. We have the envious position of seeing them in both roles, and yep, they walk the walk folks!

I admit that I am a HUGE Renee & Jeremy fan, and firmly believe that all of their music is a must for the family cd library. My daughter and I listened to this one almost exclusively throughout the weekend in the car. The results were pure happiness and joy. We had such fun singing together.

The new holiday disc is an absolute must purchase for this holiday season! And for a couple of you, R&J will giveaway an EP of “Sunny Christmas” in connection with this post.  Please read on for instructions on how to enter to win.


Leave a comment on our blog below for your chance to win. A winner will be randomly selected from the comments on the blog on Friday, December 7th at 6pm PST.

***DISCLAIMER*** This is NOT a paid advertisement or endorsement. Pregnancy Awareness Month® LOVES Renee & Jeremy’s music and this review and giveaway is our attempt to share that with all of you. Enjoy the holidays!

Team PAM

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