Claiming Your Birth Story

Have you claimed your birth story?

Have You Claimed Your Birth Story?

Have You Claimed Your Birth Story?

Every birth story is unique and magical. If you have never seen a mom, or your mother, recount their birthing stories, ask them about it. Watch their eyes light up as they recall every moment. Your eyes probably light up when you tell the story too. I have never heard my birth story and I wonder what it was like. What would it be like to read my mothers story written on paper, in her own hand writing? What would my children want to know about their birth when they are old enough to understand. Would they want to know about their birth story after experiencing the birth of their children?

No matter how many children are born each day, each and every story of their birth is unique. My three sons all have very unique stories and I often answer the questions my 7-year-old has about the day he was born. For now, those questions are… How much did I weigh when I was born? Did I cry? How tall was I? Did I have hair?

It’s possible he may one day ask more detailed questions. In the meantime, writing a detailed birth story in a journal is a great way to recall that day, in your own words. Each moment special. Nothing to be left out. Recall the moment you realized you were in labor. The moment you realized you were about to meet your baby. How many hours of labor did you have? Where were you? What positions were you in? Who was there with you? What did your partner’s face look like when he seen the baby for the first time? What did you feel when you seen your baby for the first time? What did you do when you held your baby on your chest? Did you cry?

There is no moment of that sacred day that should be forgotten. Even if it didn’t go as planned. Even if it was so magical it made you cry. No matter what your birth story includes, claim it.

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