gDiapers Vlog & Newborn Bundle Giveaway

Anya Sarre interviews the founder of gDiapers Kim Graham-Nye. Kim was recognized on Fortune Magazine’s 2011 “Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs” list.

It goes without saying… we absolutely love gDiapers! We love them so much we’re giving away a gDiapers Newborn Bundle valued at $149.99!

The Newborn Bundle set includes:

12 newborn gPants – Perfectly sized for itty bitty babies, newborn gPants snap down in the front for the umbilical cord to heal. A gentle leg trim lets tiny legs curl up naturally.

6 small gPants – When baby’s outgrown the newborn gPants, the size small will be there for a trim and comfortable fit for up to14 lbs.

80 small biodegradable* disposable inserts – Use inside the newborn gPants or the small gPants.

1 swishstick – For those who choose to flush the disposable inserts.

Learn more about this set on the gDiapers website:

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