The Simple Beauty of Childhood – Captured

Can you recall the last time you took a moment to watch your child playing? Did you smile as they laughed? Were you captivated by their innocence? Did you marvel at their ingenuity?

As the mom of three boys I found myself so rushed and always moving that I started to see the socks they took off and threw down by the front door rather than the cuteness of the tiny shoes they neatly placed side by side. I noticed the hair out of place rather than the fact that they looked like Alfalfa. And then, I didn’t.

I had become “that” mom. The mom addicted to smartphoneography. The mom who had one free hand, because my phone was stuck to the other. The mom always in a rush because I had allowed myself to be completely overbooked and overavailable. Yes, that’s a word now. I answered the phone when it rang, I looked at my emails when my phone alerted me to a new arrival. In one of my older articles here on PAM, I talked about why I put down my smartphone, but I have to admit, that it was more than just putting down the phone, it was recouping life without it.

For the last two years I had captured the majority of my children’s most-awesome moments with my iPhone. I instagrammed them or posted them on FB. But, something strange happened when I put down my iphone. I picked up my Canon once again. I have read a lot of articles from mom bloggers lately regarding ditching the big clunky camera, but honestly, it’s not so bad for those moments you want to record for a lifetime. And, I challenge anyone to suggest that you can get a shot like this one from across a field with your iphone….

Their youth goes so fast that looking at photos from just a year ago makes it hard to believe it was them. That they have grown so much. I was completely upset by the idea that I could post a photo to FB and it would look great, but that the photos were blurry or to low of a resolution to be printed for keeps. I wanted to revel in the fact that I could print a billboard with the photos of my kids if I wanted to and it would look amazing.

So, I bought an amazing camera bag for all my clunky camera and all of my lenses. After all, I had carried a diaper bag for nearly 8 years and had recently shed myself of it. I have since filled my camera with shots that I hope will mark the moments of my children’s childhood. The simplest of moments. I didn’t trade my newly iphone free hand  for a huge camera. I just made myself ready to capture moments of my children’s life in a way that we could marvel at their growth and life without limitations. I still back up all of our photos to Dropbox. I still share, although limited, photos on Facebook. I blog about some of our favorite moments and often, little moments like homework, make the grade. But, I also have photos that I can print in any form if I want.

Those little moments are the purest simple beauty of childhood.

Guest post by Krista Conway.

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