Keeping Your Style While Pregnant

I have to admit that maintaining my style while pregnant, especially with my first pregnancy, was extremely important to me. The biggest reason: I did not have any clothes that could warp into a maternity gear (trust me…. people thought I was pregnant with triplets). By 5 months I couldn’t fit in a single pair of my pre-pregnancy pants. I could wear a few of my shirts, but pregnancy mid-drift isn’t so fashionable. So, I had to buy maternity clothes and I opted to go for outfits that fit my pre-pregnancy style. 



I will never forget my grandma and aunt rushing me to the maternity store just 24 hours after my first positive pregnancy test. They had the cushions you strap on to simulate a full-term belly and they laughed as I wiggled shirts down over my head, trying to keep the pillow in it’s place. I couldn’t imagine being that big, so I went with a size a little smaller. Let’s just say, by time I was full-term I would have needed three of those blasted pillows to simulate my belly.

I was determined to maintain my style and be the cutest, most fashionable pregnant woman in the history of pregnancy. Since then nearly every store has developed a solid line of maternity clothes. I find myself walking by and asking if they make that in post-bump size.

So, here are my three tips for keeping your style while pregnant.

1. If you wouldn’t wear that style pre-bump, don’t buy it now.
2. Don’t be afraid of the cute sweater or layers. They work with pregnancy and allow you to change up your wardrobe quickly and easily.
3. Cute shoes allowed. Just be sure to wear shoes that are comfy and safe to wear if it’s slippery outside.

Don’t be afraid to show off that bump. We’re all smiling at you.



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