Yoga & Pregnancy: A Rural Mom’s Story

We live around an hour away from the closest yoga studio, but with my first pregnancy I was determined to keep my body and mind in shape and yoga seemed like the perfect solution.

And it was. We had lived in an area closer to town when we were newly married, but when we moved into a rural location, we didn’t have access to the trainers I once frequented. I won’t say that I was deperate to stay in shape while pregnant, but I had heard so many great things about pregnancy yoga that it made sense to give it a try. Some of my friends swore that yoga made their deliveries go a little easier. Others thought they rebounded a little quicker post-pregnancy. I asked my doctor about it and went for it.

I found a DVD specifically for use during pregnancy and started slow. I felt great during all three of my pregnancies, despite my huge belly (yes, people asked me if I was having twins). I rebounded from my first pregnancy in around 8 weeks. All three of my delieveries went spectacularly smooth. My 2nd delivery spectacularly well. Let’s just say we had 12 minutes.

Yoga also became a part of my post-pregnancy-bounce-back-and-wear-those-pre-pregnancy-pants routine. It was easy to stick to and  there were SO many amazing DVDs available that show you how to get in your yoga time WITH your baby. I will tell you that my little Ethan loved it. He laughed and giggled when we would workout together. With my third pregnancy, Ethan would work out beside me and Ian would laugh and giggle as I incorporated him into my routine.

When you live in a rural part of the country, you have to find a way to connect yourself to the things that matter to you. I had started to feel like I was missing out on working out and other great things that you could only do in the city, but so many people have made yoga and other things available to those of us who don’t want to drive an hour or so, or those that can’t really find the time to go in for a one-on-one.

Talk to your doctor or midwife and ask them if yoga is okay for you. If they say go for it, go for it!


*The opinions expressed here are Krista’s. It is recommended that you always consult with your healthcare professional before you embark on anything, especially during pregnancy.


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