Daddy Scrubs Treasure Hunt 4/25


Today we are proud to host the Annual Pregnancy Awareness Month treasure hunt with our Presenting Sponsor: Daddy Scrubs!

We have provided you with the “map” below. You’ll need to find all of the clues on the map to find your way to the treasure! Check out all of the amazing prizes in the treasure chest this year….

5 “I’m the Daddy” trunk bags

5 “I’m the Daddy” coffee mugs

1 set of Navy Edgy DaddyScrubs

1 Certified New Daddy Gift Set

1 All American Daddy Tee with matching toddler tee

1 Bag of Books

1 Daddy Diaper Pack

Ultimate Prize: DaddySwag Gift Set

Each of the participants who complete 100% of the treasure hunt will be eligible to win the following prizes. Each entry will be entered into out of the total number of entries and randomly selected. The winners will be chosen and posted here on the blog Friday, April 26th at noon.


To play along with the DaddyScrubs / Pregnancy Awareness Month treasure hunt for a chance to win one or more of the prizes listed above, you’ll need to complete the form below.

What Happens If I Submit A Partially Complete Form or Accidentally Submit Before I Am Done?

Do not click on “Submit” until you are ready to send your final “map.” We will not be able to help you recover partially submitted information. Partial submissions will not be eligible for prizes. If you accidentally submit your form before it is complete, you can fill out the form again and resubmit.

Have fun and tweet at us @PregAwareness if you get stuck.


“I’m the Daddy” trunk bags

1. Alicia
2. Tabitha
3. Suzanne
4. Ashley
5. Stephanie
“I’m the Daddy” coffee mugs

1. Suzanne
2. Olivia
3. Nicki
4. Tabitha
5. Marissa

Navy Edgy DaddyScrubs

1. Cheryl

Certified New Daddy Gift Set

1. Summer

All American Daddy Tee with matching toddler tee

1. Stephanie

Bag of Books
1. Cheryl

Daddy Diaper Pack

1. Nicki

Ultimate Prize: DaddySwag Gift Set

1. Ashley


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