The Clumsy Stage of Pregnancy

Liza originally wrote this for her Expecting Model readers, but suggested we publish this re-worked version for all the beautiful pregnant women out there.  Take a gander.

Pregnancy weight gain is normal. While the pregnant mom is embracing  curves, the center gravity is over your base of support. It’s common to feel clumsy.  Yes be warned; your blossoming body and your hormonal changes can bring on a few challenges like walking  in heals, vertigo, dropping dishes, and falling!  Expecting Mommy, here are 6 easy tips to help get through the clumsy phase.


  • Opt for wedge heels if you MUST wear them, or none at all…flats that stylishly support are always best.
  • Drink lots of water to avoid getting light-headed. Water helps deliver oxygen through your bloodstream.
  • Move slowly! Take the scenic route, it’s more fun.
  • Place a bath mat on the floor when getting in and out of the tub.
  • Don’t text and walk, actually don’t text and do anything else, one thing at a time ESPECIALLY when texting.
  • Order take out. The kitchen can be a dangerous place to move about. And that actually continues later with a toddler, so get in the habit now to be cautious in the kitchen.


This stage is a temporary and challenging time, do not take yourself too seriously. You’re beautiful, amazing, and yes, clumsy. This too shall pass!

Liza Elliott-Ramirez


 Expecting Models/ EM Talent

And PAM Advisor 

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