Daddy’s Role During Pregnancy

Daddy’s Role During Pregnancy

Robert “Daddy” Nickell

Pregnancy Awareness Month focuses its celebration during the month of May each year, however, those of in service to pregnancy and new parenting continue all year long. This year we focused on the opportunity of Daddy’s role and the community that supports families during pregnancy and postpartum. The role of Dad and other major caretakers is an evolving process of awareness. Each trimester brings new changes physically for both Mom and Baby. Dad’s role gets to grow along with that, too.

In my opinion, an important lesson from Nature and GOD is the awareness that something Greater than us is at play and it is our job as parents to be ready. Every component of new life revolves around a temporary phase consisting of a start, middle and end. Every phase has a reason, and every reason is responsible for moving mom and baby forward towards a successful outcome resulting in the miracle of new life.

As a new daddy or an experienced daddy, you will come to realize the concept of “this is only a phase”. Sometimes, one night can feel like a week, or one week can feel like a year, as you and your wife/partner work through the situations at hand. Just remember it is a phase and it will pass.

There are traditionally three trimesters of pregnancy growth followed by the first three months of life outside of the womb commonly known now as the fourth trimester. (courtesy of Dr. Harvey Karp)

Dads and Mom’s Significant Others are the number one component of the support process during the first three trimesters, so it is important to understand why everything is happening and remember it is just a phase. Dad needs to be alert and ready to change on a dime. The new mom is experiencing blasts of hormones making her hungry, happy, tired, uncomfortable, irritable, and blissful all within the same day.

Guys, just imagine how it would feel if our stomachs within a 5 -month period exploded outward, nothing fit, and we now could feel something living, and moving around inside us. I am not sure most guys including myself could go through this process the way women can. So, truth be told, we have the easier job.

If she has a craving, rush to the grocery store. If she is tired, give her a foot massage. If she is happy, sit down and listen and plan your future together. Support is not giving advice, but rather offering understanding, listening, and communication between the creations of this new family.

Good luck to all new daddy’s in the world, and feel free to reach out to me any time to talk or ask questions about exactly how to get through the next phase of life.

Sincerely, Robert “Daddy” Nickell (speaking from the Dad’s perspective)

Founder of Daddy Scrubs and PAM Advisor

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