#Thankful Thursday – Slow

Today is #Thankful Thursday and the topic I suggest is “slow”.  When you read that, does it make you cringe?  In this world full of technical immediacy it seems illogical to even consider “slow” as part of our lifestyle.  It seems outdated doesn’t it?  Well, consider “slow” and how you can add some of that to your days and nights, especially now that we are officially in Summer.  Summer has always been a time for slowing down, the weather encourages it, the plants are in and waiting for harvest at the end of the season.  It used to be referred to as fallow.  Consider some slowness, reduce the planned and scheduled activities, if your are pregnant kick your feet up, let someone open the door for you, take a breath, many times a day.  Are you post partum?  Nap with at the same time as your infant.  Don’t get pulled to answer emails during that built in respite for new mommys.   A little pause here, put the smartphone down there, instead of TV let’s sit outside and talk over a glass of sparkling water tonight….get my drift?  Enjoy!

Team PAM

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