#ThankfulThursday – FREE!

Take a deep breath, feel the expansion of your belly as you inhale slow and low.  Pause for a second, and then consciously exhale strong and long.  Take a moment to think about that pause that you took after your breathed in.  It was just a second, but can you remember it?  What did that feel like?  Don’t remember?  Ok, let’s do it again.  Inhale into your belly and then pause for just a second…and then slowly exhale.  Now, what did that feel like to you?  The pause?

To me it was large, as if I grew even in the pause.  Doesn’t make any sense right, I mean the breath was no longer being brought in, it was just being held for a sec.  But in that second, there was a glimpse of being large, big, expansive – FREE!  Take a look again at that image above these words.  That amazing large mammal is pausing in mid-air just before he begins his decent back into the ocean.  It is playful, joyful, and huge in power.  And when I think of all of that and see him lifted I feel free, I see him free to be.

Whenever you breathe, which is constant BTW, you have the opportunity to feel playful, joyful, and FREE.  So get in touch with that ability to find your freedom, your power, your bigness.  Your breath is free BTW….LOL, so the theme continues.

#ThankfulThursday #Free

Team PAM

This image is courtesy of nwpphotoforum.com, and has nothing to do with Free Willy

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