#ThankfulThursday – Newborns

Image by Classic Kids Photography

Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she wonderful? Isn’t she precious? Less than one minute old. (Stevie Wonder)

When I see an image of my newborn daughter, in the lap of her papa, I just can’t stop singing the words to that song. #ThankfulThursday today is celebrating the newborn and the amazing energy that they bring into our lives.  The joy. The awe. The devotion. Yes, we will have many sleepless nights, and fret over whether we truly know what we are doing, where is that new parent manual?!  Regardless of the questions, the beauty continues.

A dear friend’s husband called me a few days after I delivered, to congratulate and such.  I will never forget how he described the life of a parent of a newborn, they had given birth to their first only 7 months previous, “Isn’t it the most wonderful hell you have ever known?”   I giggled at the thought, and realized how incredibly true it was.  The sleep deprivation and the testing of our capacity for competency truly felt like hell, but oh, it was such an amazing and beautiful hell indeed!

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