#ThankfulThursday – Holding

Image by Classic Kids Photography

Holding her, at last!  I waited so long, those 40 weeks +/-, seemed like forever. And at first it was awkward, why?  You are my baby, why do I have little surges of fear when I hold you? Why don’t you stop crying immediately that first time?  It’s me, mommy! We’ve been together your entire existence, don’t you recognize me here on the other side? Perhaps it was easier for me to hold you in my womb space. But in a day or two, it is better, no fear, except when someone else wants to hold you. I’m the quickest comfort now, me any my milk engorged boobies that is. I love the smell of your skin, your soft hair, and the bottoms of your feet, they are like velvet! I never want to put you down, except when I am utterly exhausted. You have become my religion, my infant, my baby girl. We will move out of this symbiotic space, I think you will launch from it quicker than me. I am ever so grateful for the chance to feel such intense love and connection.  Just to hold you. #ThankfulThursday

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