#ThankfulThursday – Sleeping Baby & Mama

Image by Classic Kids Photography

NEVER wake a sleeping baby is what I was told by my friend who was wiser and had a 5 year old child.  This is what she said when she came to visit with an amazing home cooked roasted chicken dinner days after my Roma was born.  My beauty was sleeping of course, and I was considering waking her to introduce her to my friend.

Sleep is your friend, and it is your infant’s too, especially in those first few weeks and months.  It may seem like neither of you can get enough of it.  I remember a good 4 weeks of being in a fog between feedings, diaper changes, and the occasional shower.

More kitchen table wisdom: sleep when baby sleeps.  Yes, nap when baby naps, don’t get sucked into catching up on your emails and FB or paying bills during those first crucial weeks of baby sleeping.  You will be on her schedule in the beginning, so take advantage.  Sleep is restorative.

It is important for baby too, of course.  You know that, right?  Commit yourself to letting them get the rest they need to nourish their brains and prepare their bodies for the tremendous growth that they are embarking on.  Naps are super important moving forward through the first couple of years.  I encourage you to invest some time in reading several books and articles about napping, search the web, and realize that your schedule will be dictated by the 3 naps that will need to occur in the beginning, eventually shifting to 2.

Enjoy your sleep and hers.

Team PAM

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