Nesting, is it hormonal? What to do?


Is it hormonal? Is it emotional? or is it simply the baby dropping in the pelvis and giving mothers more energy by making breathing easier (less pressure on the lungs)?
Either way all women feel it one way or another.

One of the signs of nesting is tacking all the tasks that have been on your list for weeks but being procrastinated from lack of energy and then one magical day… you:

Wash all the baby’s clothes with gentle and chemical free soap
Organize all the baby’s clothes by size
Stock the changing table with cloth or organic disposable diapers, wipes, bottom cream
Return/ exchange unwanted and duplicate gifts
Cook up a storm (don’t forget to double your recipe and freeze one serving for postpartum meals)
Register at the hospital
Pack your hospital bag or stock your home with homebirth supplies
Write a birth plan with your doula

The most important thing is NOT to get lost on the to-do list and forget to enjoy yourself. The last weeks of pregnancy are precious and important for the mother to feel rested, nourished and loved. My recommendation is to continue on the prenatal yoga, walks, massages and pedicures. Avoid the negative and unsupportive people and surround yourself with loving, funny and nourishing friends that will boost your confidence about the birth and postpartum period.
Ana Paula Markel ICCE, CD(DONA), Founder of BINIBirth, and PAM Advisor

Please remember that PAM is a mom blog from a mom’s perspective and experience, co-founder by two moms.  Some of our authors have advanced degrees and medical or clinical licenses, however, PAM is NOT providing medical or mental health advice.  We encourage you to talk to your own medical professionals directly regarding any medical questions or concerns that you may have.

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