Baby’s First Foods: Pears and Nannas, YUM!



As you embark on parenthood, feeding your baby will become one of your daily adventures. One of the easiest ways to be green while knowing where every bite comes from is making homemade baby food purees. It’s not only simple, but a fun way to get your little one involved in the feeding process from day one!
Recently, I made Baked Maple Bananas for Kenya. Everyone who tried them couldn’t get over how delicious they turned out. They’re intensely sweet, creamy and have a delicious caramel note to them. I felt like there were more recipes to be mined from that one. Pears are in season and abundance at our farmer’s market, so I thought I would try roasting them together with bananas to make baby food for Chloe. There’s nothing wrong with pureeing ripe pears and bananas together, and when you roast them it just intensifies the flavors and texture even more.  Click here to get Catherine’s recipe and read more about her experience with feeding her kids!
Catherine McCord is a PAM Advisor and amazing MOM that has created a blog and cookbooks with the BEST recipes to start baby out and progress thru to fab family meals and lunch box essentials.
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