Top Six Reasons I Miss Breastfeeding


Happy Breastfeeding Awareness Month! When PAM asked me, Sara Haley, to share a vlog about breastfeeding, the timing was kind of ironic because I had just finished weaning my second son. So I thought that the best vlog for me to do would be to share with you the Top 6 Reasons I Miss Breastfeeding. I’m hoping that this might help those of you are now weaning – to prepare you for how you might feel. I also hope that for any pregnant moms, it might give you some insight on some of the amazing personal benefits of nursing. If you miss breastfeeding, I’d love to hear what you miss most or if you are currently breastfeeding, what your favorite part is.

DISCLAIMER:  The opinions expressed by Sara Haley are hers alone, and do not reflect the opinions of Pregnancy Awareness Month (PAM) or any employee thereof. PAM is not responsible for the accuracy of any of the information supplied by Sara Haley. Consult with your own medical provider regarding your individual health questions or concerns.

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