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I honestly don’t remember being this stuffed up. And I mean my nose is clogged, my throat is phlegmy and my eyes are teary. Other functions seem to be okay but my poor husband, when I wake up at night, his head is under a pillow or he has left the room and gone to sleep with my daughter, apparently I am snoring. Sometimes I sleep with my daughter who also snores but it seems my snoring wakes her up too. This dear mother, is called pregnancy rhinitis, due to higher amounts of estrogen in the system that cause the mucous membranes to swell up and produce more mucous. Oh joy, in addition to everything else we need to contend with. But I am here to tell you I have found two great solutions. One is the Neti Pot otherwise known as nasal irrigation and the other are these magical nose strips called Breathe Easy. Both are available in pharmacies or online.

The Neti Pot originates from India. It is used in the Ayurevedic healing tradition and literally cleanse out the nasal passages using a mixture of warm water and salt. Afterwards I stick on the Breathe Easy strips which adheres to the outside of my nose like a piece of tape and opens up my nose for easy breathing. When I do these two things not only do I get more rest but so does the rest of my family. Now, if I could only figure out this peeing thing. If you have any other suggestions for opening up nasal passages please write in.

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Best, Anna

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