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Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Anna Getty’s “Easy Green Organic”

May is Pregnancy Awareness Month! The month kicks off with Motherhood Begins Now, a family-friendly, free event in on May 2nd in Beverly Hills. Come out and say hi!

Education is initiative #1 and the focus of the first week.

Pregnancy is a time when many women begin seeking out information on topics ranging from vitamins to birth options. Even something as simple as eating becomes a critical issue when tackled by a woman growing new life inside of her.

Remember, during pregnancy that you are indeed eating for two. This doesn’t mean you need double the calories you ingested pre-pregnancy. What is means is that everything you consume plays a role in the development of your new baby.

Easy Green Organic is the newest culinary brainchild of Anna Getty, the co-founder of Pregnancy Awareness Month. This cookbook simplifies fresh, healthy, organic cooking.

If you’re pregnant, nursing, or have a baby at home, having a tried and true stash of recipes you can feel good about making and eating makes all the difference in the world. Sometimes the hustle and bustle of life seems to get in the way of eating right but when you are nourished from the inside out you’ll be much more equipped to deal with life’s curve-balls.

The trick is to make a routine out of healthy eating. Flip through your cookbook with a cup of tea the night before your community’s farmer’s market and make a list of items you’ll need. Enjoy a relaxing stroll through the market the next day, taking time to talk to farmers, smell the produce, and ask questions. Cook slowly and intentionally. Feel gratitude for the meal you and your family (even the unborn members) are going to enjoy.

Pregnancy marks the beginning of a huge life change. Consider taking this opportunity to make positive shifts in your lifestyle that will support your health and that of your baby’s as well.

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Order Anna Getty’s Easy Green Organic for yourself or a mom you live this Mother’s Day.

Bon appétit!

-Bunmi Zalob, Pregnancy Awareness Month Social Media Coordinator

In the comments, please share how you make nutritious eating a part of your lifestyle!

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