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The Best Thing Parents Can Do for Their Children

I have three principles that all Scandinavian Child products live up to: safety, functionality, and style. I call this philosophy “Designs Without Compromise” and because of this, I am often asked what I feel is the biggest issue when it comes to buying furniture, toys and other products. My answer – safety, safety, safety.

Safety means ensuring a product meets the basic safety standards for the product category (look for the JPMA Safety Certification Seal!), and looking for products that are more chemical-free and use sustainable or recycled materials. For example, just because a product is made of wood, does not mean that the wood is of a sustainable source or that the other components on the product or other practices of the company are earth-friendly.

Safety also means consider the source, by which I mean consider the manufacturer and their practices not avoid China. “Made in China” does not mean less-safe or inferior in quality.

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Take advantage of the many resources available including:; (National Highway Transportation Safety Administration);;

Congratulations on taking a wonderful step on the amazing journey of mother and parenthood.

Brenda Berg, Founder, Scandinavian Child

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