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Pregnancy inspires change in the lives of many women and their families. The new life growing inside often results in an increased interest as to what chemicals are making their way into our homes by way of everyday items.

Better Air For Baby reported recently that researchers now believe that disease is an ongoing process in the body that may take years to evolve from the earliest stage. A child exposed to a cancer-causing toxin early on will have an increased chance of developing a disease later in life simply because it will have more time to evolve.

Seventh Generation, maker of naturally safe and effective household products, knows a green baby is a happy baby.

Win a Green Baby Starter Kit!

The Green Baby Starter Kit helps your baby begin life on the right foot. Kit contains:

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• 2 Packs of Chlorine-Free Diapers (any size) – Soft, cloth-like comfort and wetness protection perform as well as conventional brands. Non-toxic, gentle absorbent polymer won’t irritate sensitive skin. Fragrance and latex free; stretchy leg gathers and resealable closure tabs.

• 2 Tubs Baby Wipes and 2 Baby Wipes Refill – Soft wipes contain a gentle cleansing agent that’s ideal for baby’s delicate skin. No dyes and fragrances. Made from soft cloth not processed with chlorine-containing chemicals.

• 1 Bottle Baby Liquid Laundry Detergent – Non-toxic, biodegradable. hypoallergenic detergent is tough on stains, gentle on baby’s clothes. No dyes, fragrances or phosphates.

• A Copy of Raising Baby Green – By Dr. Alan Greene, M.D.- New parents need straightforward advice about making the best choices for their new additions. Raising Baby Green is the first definitive, up-to-date guide for parents on how to raise happy, healthy children in a way that helps both the families and the world around them.

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Update: A winner has been chosen!

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