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How can YOU have a PAM Party or Event in your town?

For a few years now, there have been these events, celebrate mama!, that happen in local communities. Celebrate mama weaves together all the best resources for moms, connects organizations that cater to moms and families, and do it in a lively and unique setting. Celebrate mama! was founded by a mom who wanted to give back to her community and not lose sight of the woman behind our adorable kids. Her name is Corina Dubois BTW, and we had the honor of working with her last year for Strollerstrides’ Mamafest in San Diego,which was also in celebration of Pregnancy Awareness Month ™ (aka PAM).

We at PAM are thrilled to have partnered with celebrate mama! so YOU can promote PAM by hosting your very own event this May! Yes, we said YOU. That’s right, we want to inspire mom’s in “Any Town, USA” to host their own event to gather women together at a tea party, a restaurant luncheon or a larger community event. How can you help to spread the word that May is Pregnancy Awareness Month™? How can you reach out to other women and new parents in your community and not only get this party started, but get the conversation going???

If you are already part of a mom club in your community, how can you participate in honor of Pregnancy Awareness Month™ this year? How about licensing with us and Celebrate mama! directly???

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There are three options, based on the size of the event you want to plan. You can host a tea, have a special speaker at a local restaurant, do a medium-sized event in your school or community center, or plan an amazing event that can draw hundreds to thousands of people!

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Log on to and learn more about the licensing packages for YOU to create an event that promotes Pregnancy Awareness Month™ in your city. You can make it happen, from start to finish, and from your own home!

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