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Liza Elliott-Ramirez of Expecting Models

PAM Welcomes Liza Elliott-Ramirez of Expecting Models

Last year we had the privilege of working with Liza Elliott-Ramirez, founder of Expecting Models, the premiere representing real professional models and actresses for the commercial and advertising world who happen to be pregnant.  Liza produced an exquisite fashion show at the “kick off” event for Pregnancy Awareness Month™ 2010.  We are proud to announce that Liza has agreed to be a part of our Advisory Team.  Here’s Liza:

“Our mission is to help professional models and actresses continue working throughout this paramount time in their lives. Expecting Models works with every maternity designer in the industry and is known as the “go to” for pregnant talent.”

“As a former model, a wife and a mother of 2, I have experienced the life of being a pregnant model. I know exactly what my models go through. My experience with both pregnancies, 2 c-sections and motherhood have been bittersweet moments I wouldn’t trade if I had to do it all again. Each and every day, I wake up longing to learn and share pregnancy related topics.  My job is so effortless because I have a genuine passion for pregnant women and related topics. What a gift!”

“When I was invited to be on PAM Advisory Team, I was thrilled to pieces. My ideas are endless, my passion is enormous, and I’m certain together we can move mountains. I’m a team player and can’t wait to roll up my sleeves and cease this opportunity to help woman shine. Amongst all of the powerful women on board, collectively we get to share our strengths, empowering women to walk away feeling well-rounded and educated in a variety of areas! All in one educational campaign!”

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“Knowledge is power and you must give it away to keep it. “

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“I’m looking forward to contributing to “Pregnancy Awareness Month™.  It’s a true honor and I feel privileged!”

The feeling is mutual Liza!  Learn more about Liza and her agency at:

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