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Meet Doula Ana Paula Markel

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Pregnancy Awareness Month™ is proud to introduce you to Ana, who has wholeheartedly jumped into her role of being a PAM Advisory Team Member. Thanks Ana!

“I first became a mother at age 21. Life was exciting and changed forever with the arrival of my first daughter. It was challenging and exciting all at once to finish college, start a magical career in the fashion business all while being a single mother. None of my friends had babies, and I had to discover most of it on my own. Not an easy process. Seven years later I married and moved to Los Angeles, and very quickly gave birth to 3 more babies! My first 2 births were cesareans, and my last 2 were VBAC’s.”

“In Los Angeles I discovered the power of community, information and support. In 2001, I became a childbirth educator and Doula to be able to offer to woman what I had been gifted with.”

“A few years later I went to my first Pregnancy Awareness Month™ event. I remember looking at all of these incredibly smart, energetic and gorgeous mothers that used their brains and social connections to spread information, hope and tools for new mothers. My heart was instantly inspired.”

“I have dedicated myself to this field for almost 10 years and not only am I a Doula and educator but I also have the privilege to train new Doulas for DONA International and mentor these women as they start their careers. I have also started BINI Birth, a space to connect birth professionals and families; all about community and information. It is an incredible honor to join PAM and offer back what I felt at that first event. Thank you.”

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Ana Paula Markel ICCE, CD(DONA)

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Certified Doula, Certified Childbirth Educator, DONA Approved Birth Doula Trainer

Owner Bini Birth

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