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Holiday Maternity Fashion Ideas

Holiday Maternity Fashion Ideas

By Amy Tara Koch

With the holidays rapidly approaching, stepping up one’s style is top of mind. Here are three easy tips for the pregnantista to get her glam on:

THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK! Start your love affair with the empire waist. This genius silhouette (a Heidi Klum and Nicole Ritchie favorite) gathers under the breast and falls loosely to the hip, knee or floor covering bulging bellies and butts with cascading fabric. The empire waist also put the focus on the arms and shoulders, places where pregnancy weight does not manifest itself.

BACK IN BLACK: There is a reason that, each season, editors declare that “black is the new black”. Black is

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mysterious and chic. Black is basic enough to make a statement. Or not. Black is classic. Black is seasonless. Black matches with everything. Black can be dressed up or down. Most important?  Because it absorbs light, black hides imperfections and is, hands down, the most slimming color on the planet. For a pregnant woman, black is the ultimate neutral and should be the foundation of the wardrobe.

ADD WOW FACTOR: Channel Mariah Carey and use accessories (as in WOW!!! Where did she get that insane Egyptian choker????) to amp up  your sass factor. Whether you are conservative or a Gwen Stefani wannabe, work some drama-boas, lynx, Lucite cocktail ring, chandelier earrings, -into your look. Don’t walk out of the house dolled up like Cher in Las Vegas. Simply make a statement. Layer on enough flash to bring your basics to life. And, when you consider whether or not you should buy that metallic handbag, remember that accessories always “work”.  Whether you are thick or thin, accessories are a mood amplifier which add a spring to your step and life to your look. Newsflash: statement jewelry does not have to cost an arm and a leg. In fact, costume jewelry often gives you the biggest Gold accessories (real or faux) have an edge.

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Here’s a link to Amy’s MUST HAVE stocking stuffer:  Bump it Up: Transform your Pregnancy into the Ultimate Style Statement

Heck, why wait, make that purchase BEFORE we get too far into the holidays.  It is a great “go-to”.

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