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Bump Up Your Vacation Plans!

Bump Up Your Vacation Plans!

By: Amy Tara Koch

Making vacation plans? Easy. Packing and organizing all of the food, bribery materials and cootie protection is the hard part. The trick to keeping it all together? Patience, preparation and packing like a pro. Here are my tips and best bets:

· KEEP IT CHIC: NO SWEATS! Fashion meets function (and comfort) with the perfect pair of black leggings for MOM.

Lululemon legging, $78

American Apparel legging, $26

· Stock your carry on and suitcase with healthy and easy-to-transport snacks and breakfast options like TASTY BRAND low sugar cereal bars, $4.99

· Occupied kids are quiet kids. Interactive games will keep children 2 and older engaged for hours.

Backseat Survival Kit, $19.95

The Incredible Sticker Book, $12.99

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· The name of the travel game is to be prepared for every situation: Band aids, Earplanes Air Pressure Ear Plugs, Benadryl, OTIC ear drops, Bribery material and EXTRA POWER SOURCE like:

Duracell Rechargeable Instant USB Charger, $26.99

Earplanes, $4

· Bring a change of clothes and always have TIDE TO GO for life’s unexpected spills.

Tide to Go minis, $5.99

· To defend your family from the brazen germs lurking on every surface, build your anti-cootie arsenal with potty toppers, anti-bacterial wipes and multi-use pads

Wet Ones Anti-bacterial wipes, $2

· Pack basic wrinkle proof neutrals as anchor outfits. Make sure that two looks can be crafted from each basic by adding accessories like a colorful shawl, gold jewelry, or heels.

French Connection Cascade Necklace, $45

Your toiletry case should be filled with minis and samples—no full sized product. All product is packed in ziplock bags. Visit www.flight001.com for travel essentials. I am a huge fan of their space pack system: zippered packing aids for clean and dirty laundry, shoes, underwear and suiting. Space Pack, Clothes Organizer, $46

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Amy Tara Koch is a style expert and author of BUMP IT UP: Transforming Your Pregnancy Into The Ultimate Style Statement. Visit her at www.bumpitupstyle.com and @Amy Tara Koch on Twitter.

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