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Punch Up Your Holiday Party

Punch Up Your Holiday Party By Natalie Bovis, TheLiquidMuse.com

We know that fashion is cyclical… and not only with clothing!  Retro is everywhere, including the “new” trends in home entertaining.  Cocktail parties are back in vogue, as are classic drinks such as Manhattans, Gimlets and Old Fashioneds, as any die-hard Mad Men viewer will attest.  One of the most social come-back-arounds is serving a big bowl of punch in lieu of simply setting wine and beer on a buffet!  And nothing fits better into the pregnant and nursing dietary guidelines than alcohol-free beverages!

High-end cocktail lounges and restaurants are offering punches for groups of guests.  Its classier and more fun than the usual “bottle service” (a bottle of liquor served with hum-drum mixers) at nightclubs, and from New York to Los Angeles, punch is the new black.  Best of all, when entertaining at home it is also easy to make nonalcoholic versions.

This sparkling nonalcoholic punch appears in my book Preggatinis™: Mixology for the Mom-To-Be in the holiday chapter.  It is ideal for any large celebration – but why not consider it for your New Year’s Eve as an alternative to toasting with plain champagne at midnight or for brunch on the first day of 2011.  Best of all, when everyone else wakes up the next morning with a pounding head, you’ll be as fresh as a daisy!

Baby New Year Brunch Punch © 2008, excerpted from Preggatinis™: Mixology for the Mom-to-Be by Natalie Bovis.

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Please use organic ingredients when ready:

2 cups freshly squeezed grapefruit juice 1/4 cup simple syrup 2 bottles Fre® alcohol-removed Brut sparkling wine dash grapefruit bitters (optional) 2 trays ruby red grapefruit ice cubes* Bouquet of fresh lavender   Pour juice and alcohol-removed sparkling wine into a punch bowl or large pitcher.  Add one tray of ruby red grapefruit ice cubes.  As you serve the punch, place one ice cube in each glass, fill with punch.  Present each glass with a sprig of fresh lavender, whose calming smell helps soothe physical ailments.

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*fill an ice tray with ruby red grapefruit juice, freeze.

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