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What is the White Out Campaign?

When I first saw this I thought it was some new cleaning product that would make my whites whiter and my brights brighter.  That’s a pitfall of the “multi-tasker” scanning her email and FB, a common plight of mom’s everywhere I fear.  When I finally allowed myself to pause and re-read the post and click on the Youtube link, I realized that it was our beloved Dr. Alan Greene, pedicatrician extraordinare, speaking with his usual passion about healthy eating and babies.  Right on!

“White rice cereal is the number one source of calories for kids in their first year of life.” States Dr. Alan Greene.

Take the opportunitiy to watch this Youtube clip and get informed from Alan himself.  And if you like it, share it.  Also please become a fan of  the WhiteOut page on Facebook — http://Ez.com/WhiteOut.  It is thru all of our support that Dr. Greene and our babies will be successful to eliminate white rice baby cereal and swap it our with whole grain cereal by Thanksgiving 2011.

As mom’s we are the influencers for our infants, babies, toddlers, and children in what they eat.  We tend to be the stakeholders of the kitchen and later, the lunchbox.  As we zoom through the incredibly fast pace of our lives let us all stop to consider the quick grab of a convenient food or snack.  Most of us have switched to organic grabs, thank goodness.  Can you take it one more step and endorse Dr. Greene and the WhiteOut campaign?

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Alisa Donner

Co-founder of Pregancy Awareness Month™

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