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Social Media and Pregnancy Awareness Month

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“From the moment that Bunmi and I began exchanging emails regarding PAM and her ideas for how we could outreach to more pregnant and newly parenting women through social media I realized how addicting it was to work with her.  Bunmi is a force, a snap, crackle, pop energy.   An amazing role model of a mompreneaur.  We are BLESSED beyond measure to have her on our Advisory Team.  Now it’s her turn, read on.” -Alisa

Social Media and Pregnancy Awareness Month

Bunmi Zalob

When I began my first Internet company, an online magazine, in 2001, my goal was simply to entertain others while achieving my dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur. As I transitioned from web publisher to social media business owner, I realized the power of the Internet to not only provide entertaining content but share important, life changing information. It is always gratifying to help my clients share their passions with customers and fans through social mediums like Facebook and Twitter and being a member of the Pregnancy Awareness Month Advisory Panel is a natural extension of what has come to be an important professional and personal mission.

Pregnancy Awareness Month inspires, empowers, and informs families around the world during a critical time for them and the new life coming forth. To be a part of a team doing such important work is humbling and exciting at the same time. Last year I was lucky enough to get to host several PAM Twitter parties, Facebook contests, and take part in the first series of Pregnancy Awareness Month radio shows. The women who participated in these online events brought such amazing energy to them. Twitter parties and Facebook contests are a part of my daily life but knowing that I was working to potentially change the lives of thousands of people elevated my tasks to new heights.

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I’m looking forward to May 2011. Every year Pregnancy Awareness Month evolves and we find new ways to spread our message to women both online and off. It’s my privilege to be a part of this cause.

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PS. I’m also studying to become a doula!

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