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Bump It Up Beauty

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Bump It Up Beauty

Amy Tara Koch

Great skin requires a quality skin care regime that encourages cellular turnover: frequent exfoliation, hydration and SPF application. But, what worked pre-pregnancy, may not work now. Step one? Evaluate your products and avoid the host of contraindicated ingredients for pregnancy. Avoid topical kojic acid, Vitamin A, retinoids, glycolic, alpha hydroxyl, beta hydroxyl, salicylic acid hydroquinone. These ingredients can enter your bloodstream and harm the fetus. Synthetic preservatives are a concern since the baby ingests everything that enters your bloodstream. For pregnant women, exfoliation is a preventative measure to ward off the dreaded “pregnancy mask,” Professional microdermabrasion is effective but you don’t need to spend the big bucks for results. There are dozens of mild exfoliants that can do the trick. Look for enzyme based (papaya, citrus, pineapple, pumpkin or lactic acid) scrubs with non invasive (stay away from products that contain nuts as the can cut the skin) granules.


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Here’s what you need to do to stay radiant


·         EXFOLIATE – To pump up the luster factor, exfoliate three times per week with. Exfoliation brightens skin, maximizes product penetration, encourages cellular turnover and can ward off melasma.

·         PROTECT – Whether you live in Miami or Anchorage, sunblock is key. Sun exposure at any time of the year encourages hyperpigmentation for women of all ethnicities which is very difficult to eradicate post delivery. Look for brands with UVA and UVB protection that contain titanium dioxide and zinc.

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·         PACK YOUR BAGS! – An eye cream or serum with ingredients like elastin, oxygen, collagen and vitamin E will hydrate and reduce swelling Invest in an anti-oxidant rich eye cream and a creamy moisturizer.  You need to supplement moisture boosting elements to help your skins ability to stay hydrated. Key ingredients to look for are peptides, caffeine, hyaluronic acid and omegas 3,6 and 9.

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·         REFRESH – Toss on a nourishing mask while chilling out in the tub. Essential oil extracts and vitamins will further boost hydration and plump the skin’s surface.

Josie Maran Cosmetics Mini Argan Oil Moisturizing Stick

·        RISE & SHINE – Applying shimmer (it comes in a creamy blush, powder or lotion format) product to the apple of the cheeks, nose forehead and eyelids will give you that insta luminescence of red carpet luminaries.

·         FAUX GLOW – Bronzer is the eighth wonder of the world. The moment that you feel sallow and unattractive, apply bronzer to your face, décolleté and other exposed areas. The result, a sun-kissed just- been- to- St Barth’s- glow, will lift your mood instantly.

Josie Maran Cosmetics Argan Creme Bronzer

·         THE TWO’OCLOCK TOUCH -UP – Exhausted, pregnant women free fall after lunch. Perk up at a moment’s notice by keeping a stash of beauty minis in your purse or office. Give skin an extra boost with a shpritz from a hydrating mister over makeup.

·         BEAUTY FROM THE INSIDE OUT – Eat foods loaded with vitamins a, c and e. Fruits, vegetables and good fats (olive oil, avocado, salmon, nuts) keep body hydrated on the inside and maintains skin suppleness.

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