New Services Packaged up for New and Expectant Parents photo 1

New Services Packaged up for New and Expectant Parents

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New Services Packaged up for New and Expectant Parents

Any new parent will tell you it’s tough to navigate the maze of parenthood.  As soon as you find out you’re expecting you’re hit with a ton of decisions.  And your entire vocabulary will change.  What’s a “onesie” or a “five-point harness” and why do you need either item?  Now, you can hire a Baby Planner to help answer those questions, along with a myriad of others that may leave you feeling overwhelmed.  You hire help for other areas of your life, from house cleaning to business coaching, so why not get assistance in your most important role as parent?

Baby Planners are a relatively new concept in America, but a quickly growing industry.  Bottles to Britches Premier Baby Planners is one of a couple dozen companies that exist to help educate parents and connect them to the people and products they will come to rely on most.  The company launched in 2008 and quickly expanded from just one group in Atlanta, GA, to several affiliates across the US and abroad, including Italy and Ireland.

So what exactly does a Baby Planner offer?  Bottles to Britches can educate parents about birthing options and assist parents in setting up a nursery, compiling a registry, connecting with great photographers or daycares, or baby proofing the home, among other things.  Baby Planners can also help friends and family of the expectant parents by organizing a one-of-a-kind baby shower.  There are even services for grandparents who want tips in navigating the delicate relationship they’ll have with the new mom and baby.

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Sometimes it’s the services after the baby comes that are the most helpful.  A baby planner can often serve as a concierge of sorts, running errands to help ease the other household burdens on the new parents or maybe sending out birth announcements that have been selected in advance.  Some planners may teach sign language while others can teach infant massage.  The offerings may vary.  However, Baby Planners have one main goal: to make life easier for the new mom and dad, and most parents will tell that’s something they would all appreciate.

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You can contact me at for more information on connecting with a baby planner in your area.

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