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Your Sacred Pregnancy ~ Moving from fear to faith

Your Sacred Pregnancy ~ Moving from fear to faith

When I was pregnant with my first son over 7 years ago, I knew I wanted to have a home birth with a midwife. For most of my life, I had had an innate distrust of hospitals and allopathic medicine, (having had epilepsy as a girl, years of multiple hospital visits and years of pharmaceutical drugs). Desiring a home birth seemed to be perfectly normal and logical to me; I could labor at home, call my midwife when it was time, and sleep blissfully with my baby in my own bed afterwards. What I wasn’t prepared for was the enormous amount of fear that greeted me at every turn when I would share my intention to have a home birth. What I soon discovered was that not only was there a tremendous amount of fear from folks connected to a women choosing to birth at home, but that fear was in operation constantly in our american birth culture, no matter where you were intending to give birth.

According to the book Fearless Pregnancy by Victoria Clayton, Stuart Fischbein and Joyce Weckl, a mom, a doctor and a midwife, “Fear comes from two distinct places: your internal world of anxiety and worry and the external world imposed on you.”

Initially, I was fearless about having my baby at home, feeling it to be the natural and totally safe option for our family, and then, little by little, other’s fear about my choice began to creep in.  It was then that I began to actively apply my spiritual practice to my pregnancies, and ultimately formulated what I call Sacred Birth Work; a spiritual perspective and spiritual practices and processes to create a conscious, empowered pregnancy and a sacred birth.

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So mama-to-be, how do you handle fear, either the obvious, in your face fear or the more subtle, read between-the-lines fear? First, you must become aware of the fact that you are feeling fear.  Replacing fear with solid information and good science is an excellent start. If you pick up a book and it makes you feel uncomfortable in your solar plexus (your gut) it may be your body telling you that you don’t resonate with the information that is being put forth or the vibration or energy that fueled the writing of the book. I put down many books over the years and I’ve also found some excellent books that I continue to learn from today. (See below for Stephanie’s top 5 books for your sacred birth.)

Once you have identified that you are feeling fear, you have several options. The practice of prayer can align your mind with the spiritual truth of who you are, lifting you out of the relative experience of life, and taking you deep into the absolute realm or the heart of the Divine. And when you are pregnant, this is an important place to dwell! You have a miracle unfolding inside of you and this is a deeply spiritual time.

It is also helpful to talk about your fear. It’s important though that you speak with someone who holds your heart sacred and does not discount your fears in any way. Friends and relatives often speak from their own experience, which may not be constructive. Doctors and midwives either don’t have the time or are not professionally equipped to process fear the way a Sacred Birth Coach or therapist might. A licensed therapist or coach will support you in the practice of deferring to your own inner authority in all aspects of your pregnancy.

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So dear reader, read what you are called to read, listen to your birth team (including your mate!) but ultimately, you are the final word on what is resonant for your body, mind, and spirit and your baby. What I know for sure is that what is resonant for you is what is right for you and you can trust this.

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Stephanie Dawn’s Sacred Birth Reading List:

Birth Matters by Ina May Gaskin, 2011

Orgasmic Birth by Elizabeth Davis and Debra Pascali-Bonaro 2010

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin 2004

Birth Your Way by Sheila Kitzinger 2002

Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May Gaskin, 1975 4th Edition

Stephanie Dawn, ALSP is a licensed spiritual counselor and Sacred Birth Coach. She is the author of the Sacred Birth Workbook, and an international speaker who mentors birth professionals to create a new paradigm of birth. For more info

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