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A Letter from Ricki Lake

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I am thrilled to be involved with Pregnancy Awareness Month.  As you probably know – especially if you have seen my movie “The Business of Being Born” – pregnancy and childbirth are to things I am very passionate about and I continue to work to empower women to have healthy pregnancies and births that are best for them and their babies.

I am proud to serve on the PAM advisory team and to support Anna Getty and Alisa Donner in this phenomenal campaign.  The births of my two sons were such incredible, life-changing events for me.  I wish that every woman could experience a beautiful, peaceful birth and am grateful that there are so many great midwives, doulas, doctors, and practitioners out there that also strive to serve women throughout pregnancy and birth processes.  I fully support the four key initiatives of PAM: education, exercise, nutrition and wellness/nurture, in the hopes that more women will be inspired, empowered, and supported throughout this incredibly sacred and transformative time of their life.

The PAM flagship event in Santa Monica, “Motherhood Begins Now” is a free family event, hosted by Ali Larter, Amy Smart and Brenda Strong, to kick off the 4th annual educational campaign.  I am so glad to be a part of such an amazing campaign, alongside so many people who share the love of pregnancy, birth and motherhood, like Dr. Alan Greene, Lisa Druxman (founder of Stroller Strides) and of course Anna and Alisa!  Although I am unable to attend the kickoff event this year, I will be there in spirit, celebrating all that PAM and everyone involved is working to achieve.

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Happy Pregnancy Awareness Month!

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