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Gourmet Meals Delivered to your Door

Gourmet Meals Delivered to your Door

If you are like me, you are a woman that has secretly dreamed of having the luxury of fabulous, fresh, and calorie conscious meals delivered to your door. I always loved that idea BEFORE I became a mom, after having my baby…well, let’s just say, it is becoming more of a daily prayer.

I had the incredibly good fortune of sampling 2 weeks of FreshMommy. What is that? FreshMommy is a fresh meal delivery program for pre- and post-natal women emphasizing nutrition and (post-natal) weight loss. Designed to address the specific nutritional needs of pregnant and nursing mothers, their menu is filled with nutrient-rich ingredients essential for a growing family. After your new baby’s arrival, the FreshMommy menu shifts to encourage weight loss while maintaining a strong nutritional foundation for new moms.

That’s the official description. Mine is simple: DELISH!!!

My husband was frankly jealous and by the end of the 2 week period I was sharing my meals with him, they were that good. Some of my favorites were: Orange Ricotta Pancakes with blueberry infused syrup & Canadian bacon, Sun-dried tomato hummus with lavash chips, Fig and fresh mixed green salad, Italian style chicken salad over mesculun with radishes & fresh marinated tomatoes, smoked salmon rillette with whole wheat crostini, dairy free pumpkin cheesecake cup. I could go on and on.

Is your mouth watering yet?

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This is a wonderful program that is focused on nutrition, sophisticated recipes and fresh, wholesome food. If you have the opportunity, try it. I vote for it to be in the running as a terrific Mother’s Day gift…hint, hint.

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Obviously there are many reasons besides pampering or weight loss that a woman would choose a program like this, sometimes complications can arise during pregnancy or post partum that require bed rest. This program is an excellent program for the resting and recuperating mommy or mommy-to-be.

For those of you attending the May 1st PAM Event in Santa Monica, there will be representatives from Freshology in our Holistic Mommy Spa that can tell you more about their program.

Enjoy! Alisa Donner Co-founder, Pregnancy Awareness Month®

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