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Visioning Your Sacred Birth

Visioning Your Sacred Birth

I’ve often said that we do a wonderful job in America of preparing a woman and her mate with all that she needs to know about the physical aspect of birth, but very little about the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of birth. As a result, when the first labor pang comes, women are ill prepared for the power that is surging in, through and as them and have no idea how to manage it. The same goes for their mates. While we may say we are ‘ready’ for the baby, are we really? In every way possible?

As I mentioned previously, fear runs rampant throughout a woman’s pregnancy and, indeed, our culture, and so much of the inner preparation for a woman relates to transmuting this fear and embracing one’s own feminine power, which then creates confidence to do what we were born to do and do it well, to the best of our ability.

What more can a woman and her mate do to create confidence, beyond the gathering and reading of solid information? One of the processes I do with my clients to great success, is called Visioning. Visioning is a process whereby we go into a meditative state, quieting the mind via prayer and then I ask a succession of questions that relate to the purpose of the visioning, which in this case I would call an Ideal or Perfect Birth Visioning. Sometimes I call this ‘downloading’ the future, connecting to and creating a vision for, a probable reality that is one’s resonant ideal.

Becoming comfortable with images of birth, in general, is a positive step to create confidence. In bygone times, we were much more involved in our family’s and community’s births, taking part in them and witnessing them regularly. These days, one of the best ways to learn more about birth is by watching birth videos on Youtube. It is important to watch videos that feed your ideal vision and not it’s opposite. While it’s good to read all kinds of birth stories, in my opinion, it’s best to watch videos that are harmonious with your desires and intentions. The first video I ever watched was an undisturbed, deeply meditative water birth that a doula friend loaned to me of a birth she attended in Venezuela. This left an indelible mental image for me in terms of what is possible for a woman in labor.

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Finally, I cannot emphasize highly enough the importance of hiring a doula. Doulas attended both of my births at home and in the hospital and to this day I refer to my doulas as my ‘birth angels’. Their ability to connect with me, hold my hand, make eye contact, remind me of my own power and my own intentions in the midst of the intensity of birth was deeply empowering and ultimately unforgettable. I cannot imagine my births without them. Learn more about hiring a doula at and

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If you would like to learn more tips about how you can create your sacred birth, you may wish to check out the Sacred Birth Workbook which was written with you in mind. Over the years of teaching the Sacred Birth Workshop in Los Angeles and New York, I compiled this workbook in an effort to share, in one place, what I was repeatedly offering year after year. It is a compendium of spiritual processes, exercises and information that will support you in creating your sacred birth. Learn more at

Stephanie Dawn, ALSP is a licensed spiritual counselor and Sacred Birth Coach. She is the founder of Sacred Birth Work ~ Childbirth Preparation for the Heart, Mind and Spirit. Contact Stephanie for a complimentary consultation by emailing or go to

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