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Inspired to be ecomom

We obviously love moms, and treasure our relationships with you. A lot of companies come knocking on our door, but we’re extremely selective about our partners, because we always want to provide you with resources we ourselves feel good about using. Which is why we are just thrilled to introduce you to and partner with them in honor of our first monthly Twitter Party.

Anna Getty(our founder) and Kimberly Pinkson, a leader of the “ecomom” movement, first met at a coffee shop up in San Francisco to discuss this thing called “ecomom Approved”. See, moms kept asking Kimberly to provide a seal that would make it easy for them to make healthy choices. “Just tell us what’s ecomom Approved,” is what she heard over and over as she spoke at mom’s groups across the country. So she got together with Anna and other leading experts in the green space to strategize ideas for bringing “ecomom Approved” products to mothers in an easy access, affordable manner. Soon thereafter, was born, and to this day Anna remains an Advisor to the company, most recently joining the panel of judges for their Healthy Home Makeover Contest.

“It was great having Anna involved in the judging,” says Kimberly.” “We chose the winners – a family in Brownsville, Texas – because they’d literally had to move out of their home because of the environmentally related illness facing their 2-year-old daughter but really, they’re very similar to so many of us…just looking for ways raise our babies in a healthier manner. Which is also why I love working with Alisa and Anna so much on the P.A.M. Campaign. It’s just wonderful reaching expecting moms and inspiring them to live in ways that are healthier and more rewarding for everyone.”

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What’s so cool about is that they have strong ideals and are realistic at the same time. Yes, it would be great if we could all grow our own vegetables, make our own baby food, milk our own cows, mix up our own cleaners and bath and beauty products…but the reality is that many of us just don’t live in ways that that is all possible. So makes it easy to take steps in a healthier direction, by doing the research for you, and providing products that help you bridge the gap between intention and what’s real in your life. They make raising healthy families easier for everyone.

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As Kimberly shares at many of the mom-events at which she speaks “With each new life comes an opportunity to make a positive difference. Moms represent one of the most powerful of forces in nature, and with each pregnancy, and every new child born, comes hope for a happier, healthier, more peaceful world….together, we can make it happen.” Stay tuned for more information on the results of the Healthy Makeover Contest and obviously go to their website and sign up for their newsletter for discounts on theis approved products and invaluable information.

And learn about Ecomom tips for healthy living. Come meet Kimberly Pinkson, founder of and join us for our P.A.M. Twitter Party with $$$ (Gift Certificates) and Prizes on Tuesday, June 21stat 7:00 pm PT/10 pm EST. Hashtag #MayPAM

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