I remember after my first child, my OBGYN did a post baby check up .  She took a look down below and said “Well  you sure look like you have had a baby now.”  Well  to be honest,  everything seemed to change  on my body, with that ‘look like I have had a baby’ look, and this momma wasn’t going down without a fight.

My oldest on will be turning ten this year and since his welcome into my world, I have moved 7 times, lived in China for 6 years, opened a café there, done a reality show and had two more children- all of that making my life, like yours, crazy.  What has kept me sane? Choosing exercise and balanced eating for the benefit of myself, but also my whole family.

I can happily say that when I tell people that I have had three children that there is almost always a shock and awe factor.  I have kept in shape, and it wasn’t genetics!  I will also tell you my secret… it has been hard work!  Sore muscles, smart shopping, and resourceful time used for workouts, that have brought me the post baby body that I am happy with.

Now I understand the demands of many stages of motherhood.  Can I just say that they don’t always lessen, they just change.  So it’s crucial for you to learn to take the time for yourself now, and choose to get back, or start a fit and healthy lifestyle.  Yes the guilt will come, it will be hard to get out the front door at time, there may not be


If you are not already, you may need to start thinking of exercise as a daily choice.  Once you  establish a good resolve and see how daily exercise is beneficial, you will find it easier to make it a habit. People ask me how often I work out.  That is a backwards way of thinking about exercise.  It would be like me asking “how often do you brush your teeth?”  We do it daily because we know we need to- for good healthy, and we also know what happens when we don’t- bad breath, rotten teeth, expensive dentist bills.  Now you many not always feel like brushing your teeth, but you are always glad you did.  That is the way your idea on daily exercise should be! You may not always feel like it, but you will always be glad you did, and there will always be days that exercise just doesn’t fit into the schedule, but make that the exception.

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I am an avid runner and weigh lifter, but I also love trying new fitness classes and sports to keep me interested and to keep my body challenged.  Just this week I tried Pole Dancing and am in the middle of my Kite surfing lessons (which my boys think is soooo cool)!  The Fitness industry is really coming up with the most crazy, fun and challenging classes to keep you interested! If you are on a budget, use the equipment at the park to try some push up, pull up  and sprint combinations.   Keep your eyes on the internet group deals where you can get dance classes, boot camps and memberships for crazy high discounts.  Or go get that membership you need, grab another mom who needs an accountability partner and start



I love to exercise because of the energy, ownership and the strength it gives me. There are so many variables in life that we cannot control, but what we do to our body and how we treat it, is up to you.  Sometimes I will say that exercise is my ‘vice’ and what a good vice to have.   It is a tough job trying to schedule in that workout, when you have PTA meetings, appointments, work and dinner to figure out. Here are a few of my “time for me” strategies.

  • Always have in the car,  or wear your workout clothes, so you will  be ready to use that random free time slot in the day.
  • Schedule it in, like a doctors appointment, so that you plan your day accordingly.
  • Sign up for a race, or have a specific goal so that you can share with others, and they will be encouraged and want to enlist to help with what you are doing
  • Swap care time with another friend on trade or find places where your child is welcomed or has daycare.
  • Do it before the troops wake up or after the hit the hay.  I prefer the latter.  
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I believe much of our overweight issues really stem from the choices we make.  Doesn’t everything stem from choices, and isn’t that the lesson we are teaching our kids daily.  Obesity or the opposite, anorexia and bulimia are just the choices we make of something much deeper that needs to be addressed.  We are becoming a culture that can’t restrain itself from our wants and desires, and that shows true with how we treat our bodies.  When we choose to live a balanced lifestyle of healthy food and fitness choices, that is the best example that we can give our family and friends.  And that will benefit you, and your adorable family in the long term!

So I hope you are ready to go grab a yoga mat, get your groove on with  a dance class, or tie those running shoes on! Keep your daily exercise fun and interesting.  Develop the personal empowerment that having ownership over you body will do. Then you will be an example to others that your HEALTHY CHOICES, have a created a HEALTHY YOU!

I would love to hear your stories of success and struggle.  Please send me an email at , follow my twitter tips @fitchefkaty or Join me on facebook at

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