Mom’s Rising #2

In the first post in this three-part series, I explore the Circumstances for Moms Rising (working and returning to work after bearing a child or children).
In this post, I’ll explore how moms create value in the workplace and marketplace.
Moms Creating Value
The workplace does not typically care about where we are coming from, it cares about what we produce in the workplace. At its core, the workplace or marketplace is about creating and exchanging value.
Here’s where working moms, especially those who are returning to the workplace soon after childbirth, have much to offer beyond the skills, knowledge, experience and expertise directly related to their work.
The same circumstances, outlined above, that distinguish life as new mom from life at work, can give moms and edge at work and bring great value to their teams and companies. Here’s a brief overview of some of the attributes of motherhood that can serve in the workplace:

  • Perspective: Being a parent puts things in perspective. When a baby’s life depends on your attention and care, other things don’t seem so critical. And the depth of connection, the openness you feel towards your baby, the love and care you focus on your baby can carry into the workplace, touching and inspiring others – colleagues, customers, and others.
  • Focus and concentration: The absorption of motherhood hones a mom’s ability to focus and concentrate, in spite of personal needs and outside interference. Clearly useful skills at work.
  • Perseverance: To attend to baby’s needs in spite of utter exhaustion builds a special kind of strength and perseverance that can be very useful at work.
  • Passion and Purpose: These two are among the most powerful forces for inspiring and motivating people. The passion and sense of purpose you are filled with as a mom can transfer into the workplace and fan the fire of their passion and sense of purpose.

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