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The Diaper Guru: Making Diaper Changing Fun

Changing diapers is not something that most think of as being “precious” moments with your baby. But doing an average of 10,000 diaper changes during your baby’s first few year’s adds up to hours spent with your baby. These hours should be memorable and hopefully, not be something full of dread.

Newborns can often cry during the changes, particularly if mommy or daddy are fumbling and their bottoms are cold. Don’t worry. Keep your cool.  If your little human can sense your stress, most likely, they will be stressed too. Try to make eye contact with baby. Use this time to coo at her and teach her to blow bubbles. You can also try hanging a mobile or a toy above the changing area. Go quickly, don’t forget: don’t rush the cleanup. It’s most important that baby’s bottom is kept clean and dry.

Around six to seven months, diaper changes can become a bit of a battle. Keeping baby still is sure to give you a workout that challenges those at the gym. Keep them flat on their backs by blowing bubbles on their bellies. Play peek-a-boo with their clean diaper. Be silly. My go-to was keeping her favorite noise maker next to her so she’d have something special to play with while I put secured her two-part cloth diaper.

For me, the silliness really came out when my baby turned one. That’s when she decided that standing up during her changes would be a marvelous idea. Instead, I made it a game- complete with ridiculous noises and over-the-top facial expressions for each action. “Wowza” as the tabs are pulled off, “zallaza” as I pull it off, and various other invented words for each action. Soon she began giggling from the moment I put her on her changing pad- she knows what’s about to come!

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If diaper changes are a fun time for your baby, the changes won’t seem such a drag. Make it a delightful time for mama and baby (at least, let them think it is, even if you’re gagging inside) and soon, you’ll find it an enjoyable experience too.

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What do you do to keep your baby happy during changes?


THE DIAPER GURU is a monthly Pregnancy Awareness Month column written by Laura Gately of Blessed Bums Organic Diaper Service. Laura is a happy mama to her first baby, Madeleine. She is the founder and owner of Blessed Bums Organic Diaper Service in Los Angeles where she lives with her family.

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