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Exercise Tips for Mommies-to-Be

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Thanks for checking back in for part two of my mommy-to-be fitness moves! These are designed to help keep you sexy and strong throughout your pregnancy. You’ll find the first two Thanks for checking back in for part two of my mommy-to-be fitness moves! These are designed to help keep you sexy and strong throughout your pregnancy. You’ll find the first two here and below are the other three.

Throughout the routine, I hope you’ll have fun, but moreover, you’ll get a total body workout that gets your energy up and your muscles toned.

You’ll need a chair and set of free weights, at least 5 lbs. I’d suggest performing all five moves in a circuit. Repeat two to three times through, depending on time and your energy level.


3. So Big! (sculpts & strengthens the legs, glutes, & shoulders):

Prepare your body for playing “So Big!” with Baby. I remind mommies-to-be that if you don’t learn how to do it properly, lifting your baby up over and over again can lead to back pain, so let’s practice correctly before Baby arrives! Begin seated in your chair with your legs at least shoulder width apart. Hold one weight in each hand at shoulder level. As you stand up, push your heels into the floor and press your weights up and together above your head, just as if you were raising baby up. Finish by sitting back onto the chair.

Repeat the entire sequence for 30 seconds. Remember, you are trying to initiate this movement from your legs, not your back, so try to stand up as straight as possible as you do this.

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4. Bye-Bye-Baby (cardiovascular training & sculpts the glutes/legs): Separation anxiety will be just one of the many hurdles of motherhood, so as a new Mama, I suggest teaching Baby that “Mama always comes back.” Besides, learning to wave and say “Bye, Bye” is one of the cutest things ever!

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Part 1: Start standing next to your chair. Side step or shuffle your feet away from your chair for a count of four (Feel free to practice some coordination and wave “Bye, Bye.”).

Part 2: Then, walk back towards the chair and using the chair to help you balance, hinge forward at the hips and lift the outside leg. Engage your core (hug your baby closer to your spine) to maintain a nice flat back in the hinge. Stand up and get ready to repeat your side step or shuffle again.

Repeat the entire sequence (shuffle to the hinge) for 45 seconds. On your last rep, hold the one-legged hinge. and Squeeze your glutes and pulse your working leg to the ceiling for a count of sixteen.

Rest for 15 seconds, and execute on the other side of the chair to work the opposite leg.


5. Get Up (sculpts & strengthens the triceps): Afraid of becoming the pregnant woman who struggles to Get Up out of her chair? Start practicing early by strengthening your triceps! Take a seat in your chair. Place your hands behind your glutes (fingertips face towards you) and slowly walk forward until you are no longer sitting on the chair. Press your shoulders away from your ears and lower yourself down in an attempt to form a ninety degree angle from your shoulders to your elbows. Then slowly push yourself back up. The farther you walk your feet away (NOT your glutes) the harder the exercise will become. Repeat for 30 seconds. As your baby grows, your number of reps may decrease or you may need to take a seat on the chair in between reps.  That’s okay – just take a deep breath and begin again when you are ready.

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Visit www.sarahaley.com to read more and purchase Expecting More, the entire 2 disc 6-workout program with a calendar to guide you through all three trimesters.

Sara Haley is a certified trainer and instructor through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA), as well as a member of the American Pregnancy Association (APA). Specializing in prenatal fitness, functional training and dance methodology, Sara has over twenty years of dance and fitness training, and has been a Reebok Global Master Trainer since 2008.

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