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It’s All Good…

By ecomom Co-founders Jody Sherman and Emily Blakeney

Our story: Giving back has been super important to us at ecomom, since the day we started the company. We have donated a percentage of sales to various charities (since we launched in 2009) that align with causes we are passionate about. As ecomom has grown, we’ve learned that there is more we can do beyond writing checks to give back.  Yes, we were donating money to amazing causes, but we didn’t have a meaningful feedback loop in place that allowed us, and more importantly, our customers, to see that their ecomom purchases were actually making a difference.  We knew we could do better.

ecomom is about providing moms with easy access to the best, safest, healthiest products for their families. We take great care in researching everything we sell so our customers have nothing but the best products to choose from. Because the very first product we started selling was a single line of organic baby food, we looked right to nutrition when evaluating how our charitable contributions could make an impact in local communities. When we looked more closely into the stats, we learned that in the United States, approximately 16 million children do not have consistent access to adequate food*. With a new perspective and deep motivation, we knew hunger would be the issue ecomom would help combat.

Beginning today we are launching ecomom’s giving program, “It’s All Good,” and with it comes the promise that every single order placed on — no matter how big or small — will feed a hungry child in America.  That’s one full day of the same high-quality, organic baby food we sell on our site and feed to our own children.  

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To kick-start the giving, we’re delivering meals for 25,000 children directly to food pantries in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, and Indiana. This means 75,000 total meals for children who rely on those pantries. As “It’s All Good” grows, so will the list of pantries that receive food from us. Each month we will deliver to local organizations that can put this food to immediate use. Our goal is to feed at least 100,000 American children this year. It’s an ambitious goal, we know, but we’re confident ecomom and our loyal customers will make it happen. We’ve never been more energized about our business than we are right now!  We hope we can inspire others, as we’ve been inspired.

And, here’s how you can get involved:

1)Visit and learn all about “It’s All Good”

2)Browse the site to see the extensive catalog of fun and eco-friendly products

3) Feel inner satisfaction knowing that you just fed one hungry child for a day


Jody Sherman and Emily Blakeney are Co-Founders and CEO and Chief Mom Officer of ecomom, respectively.  You can learn more about them at

*USDA report, Household Food Security in the United States, 2010, published September 2011

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