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Yes, I’m A “Boy Mom”

Today is my little Ian’s fifth birthday. When I think about Ian and his personality, I have to think about his early days and laugh. You see, Ian was a joker from the beginning. I was nearly 4 weeks pregnant with Ian before I could get a “positive” home pregnancy test. He stuck his hand up during the ultrasound to give us a high-five. I was headed to my capstone final exam when he decided he wanted to put me into labor with contractions every 7 minutes and then jokingly came two days later, just 12 minutes after arriving at the hospital. When Ian was born, I am sure I seen him give a thumbs up and wink at me with his beautiful long eyelashes.

Ian was born with humor, wit, style and “coolness” built in …

Ian was born into this world ready to bring joy and love to anyone who met him. He’s the kiddo with an endless smile and the heart of gold. He’ll befriend you just because you “look like a nice person” and he’ll be holding your hand within a few moments. He dances. He’s also got amazing style.

Ian is our second son.

He is one of the most amazing little boys in the world. With his birth and his joining our first son Ethan, I officially became a “boy mom.” When our third son Elias was born, it was all but official. On Ian’s birthday I can’t help but think about all of the people who made comments about us having “another son” or asked us if “we had hoped for a girl” and I must say that I was just happy to be pregnant again. Happy to have another opportunity to carry and love a baby. Looking back on it now and the joy our Ian has brought us, there is no way I could have asked for anything else. We never know exactly why we are given what we receive, but in Ian’s case, we got a great deal. He is endless joy and laughter and silly faces.

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And, he works being the middle child like a champ and comes out giggling.

On today, my little Ian’s birthday, I am SO amazingly proud to say that I am a boy mom. Now I am off to find a monkey birthday cake and figure out how to put this bike together.

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