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Seasons of Parenthood



By: Mirranda Reinhardt for Pregnancy Awareness Month®

The hot days of a Colorado summer are drawing to a rapid close. When I awoke this morning there was a crispness in the air that seemed to say, “get ready, winter is coming!” At higher elevations, the leaves are already showing off in brilliant displays of gold and fiery orange. This is my favorite time of year, I love the chill in the morning air and the sights and smells of autumn.

Unfortunately, I do live in the high desert of Colorado and that means that autumn here is short lived at best. Last week we enjoyed summer days with temperatures in the 90’s and tomorrow we’ll don sweaters for the first time this season. In Colorado it seems that all too often summer abruptly gives way to winter, leaving fall just a few short weeks to reveal her glory.

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In the place I call home, this season of transition- from the heat of summer to the cold of winter is rapid. It goes all too quickly, we wish away the hot days and end up suddenly in the deep chill of winter’s grasp. It reminds me very much of the journey of motherhood, especially in the first year of a wee babe’s life.

The transition from newborn, to crawler seems to come in the blink of an eye and then the next thing you know you have a little one toddling around unsteadily as he or she grips the edge of the sofa. Babies grow and change as quickly as the summer gives way to winter. Often times the milestones are met with little advanced warning; one day your little tyke is happily falling every time he stands and the next he figures out how to put one foot in front of the other and off he goes across the living room.

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As with everything in life, parenthood has “seasons”. There are times when we feel that we are thriving and that we wish that life could continue on forever, just as it is. There are also times where we struggle, we feel uncertain of ourselves and our abilities and we find ourselves wishing that the next stage would just hurry up and arrive.

The seasons go by as they may; some passing more quickly than others. One constant remains, no season lasts forever. The moments last only a finite amount of time, so take a deep breath and try to hold onto a little piece of them. Autumn and winter, summer and spring all offer unique and wonderful experiences just like each new stage of our little ones’ childhood.

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