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Smartphone Mommy Zombie – Is there a cream for that?

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Remember when mom’s distractions included laundry and dishes?

There have been several news stories recently about children being injured or worse because mom (or dad) wasn’t paying attention. There has been a statistical increase in children appearing in the emergency room only for mom or dad to cite that they were busy messing around on their phones. Following up on my post from last week, I have to admit that I was completely stunned and inspired to write this series of articles based on the Wall Street Journal report which broke the report about more children being injured due to parents simply not paying attention because of their devices.

One of the links I found while researching for this article was a tumblr blog dedicated to showing parents staring at their phones. One photo shows a mom standing in front of a swing set at the park while two toddlers sit staring at her from their unmoving swings. Another shows a dad leaning on a wall while his child explores a firetruck play house. The photos are only a small example of parents seemingly ignoring their children because of devices.

This viral graphic is what inspired the title of this post, btw. While it doesn’t show a “mom” or “dad” neglecting their children for a device, it does show where we are headed with this addiction as a society.

You may have read my post last week about Why I Put Down My Smartphone. Honestly it takes a moment of realization and awakening to realize you’ve become a zombie. The photo of the zombie smartphoners above was totally me. Me walking through the zoo with a phone in my hand, pushing a stroller with the spare. Me pushing my kids on the swing, one handed, admiring my ability to type out complete sentences with one thumb.

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I have decidedly changed out of my smartphone mommy zombie costume. I wonder if there is a cream for that? Maybe a powder? They have anti-Monkey Butt powder so they surely have an anti-smartphone-zombie powder, right? In any case, being completely anti-zombie is cool with me. I am not willing to miss another moment with my kids or risk their safety in any way because of a notification or app. Will you join me in being an anti-smartphone-mommy zombie?


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Krista is a freelance social media manager and mommy of three living in Central Ohio. She writes about her life as a freelancer, mom and more on her blog


The link to the article regarding increased injuries and children via the Wall Street Journal:


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