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The Masks of Our Children Fall Quickly to Those of Men

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One of my favorite lines from a short film called “The Wait” has been weighing on my heart these last few weeks. If you’ve been reading along these last few weeks as I talk about putting down my smartphone in order to savor time with my children, you’ve probably already learned my secret. I’m obsessed with living every second of my life and the lives of my children to it’s fullest. I don’t want to look back on a wasted day and think about what I could have done with it. I don’t want to wake up 60 years old and start a sentence with “I wish I …”

So, I put down my smartphone.

The sad truth is that I have had my phone since February and the time used totals 13 days, 7 hours. I have widdled away 319 hours of my life staring at or holding my phone this year. I can think of many, many things I would love to do with 13 hours and 7 days. Can you?

If you have an iPhone I want you to look at how much time you have been on your phone since you purchased it.

> Settings

>> General

>>> Usage

The Masks of Our Children Fall Quickly to Those of Men image 0

>>>> Cellular Usage

I can’t help but think they hid it all the way down there to keep you from looking at that number.

Anyway, the short film “The Wait” includes many, many ideas that are eye opening.  But I have to say that I will never let the idea that “The Masks of our Children Fall Quickly to Those of Men.” out of my head or heart. It will serve as a reminder to savor the moment that I have today. In the end I have decided that I will wake up, children grown, age on my face, my children grown into men and I will rejoice that I decided that a random Facebook or Twitter notification wasn’t important. The moments of my life and the moments of my children’s lives are all that matter. I will pop in and wish well to a friend getting married this weekend or stop by to say hello to my close friends. I will swing through and manage a clients Facebook account or retweet some great info, but not at the expense of a lost memory.


I would love it if you would respond with the number of hours you have on your phone. Let’s break the habit together.



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