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Meet 3Girls Holistic { & a Giveaway}

We have had the pleasure of knowing Christy Funk, co-founder of 3 Girls Holistic and owner of Belly Sprout, an amazing pregnancy and new mama store in Santa Ana, CA for almost 6 years.  She was one of our first supporters for Pregnancy Awareness Month® and actually set up a car pool program for women in Orange County that wanted to come to our LA event back in 2008!  Christy is a vibrant and passionate woman about pregnancy, whole foods, healthy living, and environmental influencers on health.  She also is a talented makeup artist, and just knows how to make women BEAUTIFUL!  Every time I speak to her I find my self giggling and enjoying the moment to the fullest.  I was introduced to her new venture with 3 Girls Holistic last June and have been hooked ever since – I use it EVERYDAY!  We interviewed her and Amy below, and begged her to include a giveaway. Please learn more about Amy & Christy and these products.  The details on the enter to win contest are at the end of this blog post.  You MUST enter and comment on this post to be eligible.  

How did 3Girls Holistic come together:

Amy Paolinelli(herbalist) approached Christy Funk (owner of Belly Sprout and Eco-beauty expert) about starting a luxury skincare line that was cost friendly after co-teaching an essential oils class where the customers suggested that we create our own skincare line. Between the eco-beauty expertise of Christy and the herbalist knowledge of Amy, 3Girls Holistic was born. Carrie Ibbestson is the owner of Natural Gumption and oral-care specialist, joined 3Girls Holistic to offer her specialty via blogs and educational information on natural ways to care for dental health.

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What is your vision for your skincare line:

To reach as many women as possible and educate them on the importance of non-toxic beauty products and a lifestyle that supports healthful living. We want to stress that it isn’t only buying clean and safe products but also achieving vibrant beauty through holistic wellness.

Why is organic and chemical free important?

Since our skin absorbs over 60% of what we put on it, it only makes sense that those products are free of carcinogenic and hormone disrupting chemicals! Women have been at the mercy of the beauty industry, which is not regulated by the FDA, and have trusted big name brands to use on themselves and their families. As much as we would like to control environmental pollutants it is not as easy as controlling what we put directly on our skin and in our mouth. We can protect our health by empowered choices to go organic!

For the older mama….what do we want to focus on to stay GORGEOUS?

Women when they hit over 40 need to change their beauty routine by adding products which perform deeper than just, say a typical face lotion. Anti-aging products are a must but not the aggressive ones we see in the media. Hydration is important to keep the skin plump and targeted serums which fight free radicals, like our Day and Night serums. I like to recommend Flax Seed supplements with lignans which do wonders for the hair and skin as well as diet consisting of whole, fresh and organic foods and adding super foods like chia seeds, seaweeds, fermented foods and blueberries to name a few.

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I’ve tried your line, and I love the serums and the toner…the cleanser smells terrific, but doesn’t really melt in the water, explain that to me, and is it a combo of cleanser and exfolliant?

We just added a liquid cleanser! This is great for all skin types and gently cleanses the skin without stripping it. The cleansing grains, which are new to many women, gently exfoliate but without the harsh scrubs that we are used to. You can either use the grains by mixing them with water or with the liquid cleanser (which i prefer) and simply make a paste of it and massage into your skin. Women are telling us how much they love it because their skin feels incredibly softer!

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What is your most fav thing about working together with your holistic team?

The brainstorming of what we want to create and how we want to share this with women! Amy and I are very passionate about educating women on how to achieve a holistic lifestyle through clean beauty products as well as maintaining mind fullness and healthful diets. We work great together because I am able to use my experience in the beauty industry for over 20 years by providing branding and product development, while Amy is the master behind the line handcrafting each and every product, using the finest in organic herbs and essential oils. We love to point out to women that our skincare is safe enough to eat! May not taste yummy but it won’t hurt you!

If I can only buy 1 product of yours, what do you recommend?

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Day Serum! This is our hottest product, which delivers results within days. It is anti-aging, anti-oxidant, super hydrating and women are now telling us that the Day Serum is lightening up their spots!

Tell me about the giveaway, details please!!! 3Girls Holistic Skincare Kit: $54 Liquid Cleanser, Cleansing Grains, Purifying Toner, Day Serum and Night Serum

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Thanks Christy and Amy for combining your talents for these AMAZING products!  We can’t wait to see what else you create.  Ladies, I trust you see from the interview above how passion plays a strong role in their business.  I spoke about that topic in another post you might also enjoy:

Enjoy your day, Team PAM *Pregnancy Awareness Month® is not providing medical advice, we aren’t doctors, we are mom’s and women who care about our bodies and environment and children, but really can’t give any advice that is from a clinical medical perspective.  If you have questions about anything regarding your or a family member’s health, please seek a medical professional.

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