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5 Steps to Conscious Conception

The conscious conception of a child is one of the most fulfilling experiences that life provides. The calling in of a baby in a conscious way – whether through your own womb or through adoption – requires the activation and alignment of your thoughts and actions. It is not mechanical or manipulative. It is a deeply spiritual and creative practice in which you invoke your innate ability to co-create with the Infinite that which you seek to experience.

Being a mom had been on my wish list since I could remember. Like many women, motherhood felt more like an imperative than an option in my life. It was a strong yearning that went far beyond a want or a desire. Before conceiving my beloved daughter at age 41, the OB/Gyn I visited at age 40 informed me that I was pretty much “past my window of opportunity.” I left that appointment feeling angry and frustrated that a female doctor bought into what the medical community, and much of society, wanted me to believe – that women 40 and older cannot conceive easily or naturally.

My doctor’s message was clear. It was going to be hard for me to conceive – or perhaps impossible. And the clock is ticking so I better get started. But I was not willing to co-sign to a limited perspective when it came to something as significant and miraculous as having a baby. On a spiritual level, I believe that the Universe continues to expand and evolve; therefore, so must we expand and evolve as a species. In this circumstance, my translation of that statement includes the fact that women can have children past the age of 40 and, in fact, many women in the U.S. and around the world give birth well into their 50s. My doctor’s statistics did not have to be my reality.

So I made a decision to move beyond an ignorant belief that mainstream society seemed to swallow whole without questioning and made a clear choice to apply “conscious conception.” The good news is that my husband and I conceived our daughter on our first try.

I practiced conscious conception from the very beginning of calling our child to us through her birth. I believe that my daughter’s soul communicated to me the way in which she wanted to be born. After watching a video of women giving birth in the waters of the Black Sea, a home birth attended by a midwife felt like the only choice for this sacred experience. But, at the time, I was doing temp work and my husband didn’t have a job that provided insurance. We had health insurance through an HMO but they didn’t cover home births. So I didn’t have a clue as to how my husband and I would afford it.

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As time went by, I stayed clear in my intention that our child be ushered into the world at home. Then, miraculously, I was hired for a full-time job and the insurance covered everything. My boss was a woman and the fact that she knowingly hired someone who was five months pregnant seemed to be part of the sacred contract I had made with the Universe for this conscious conception experience. I gave birth to a healthy, magnificent, perfect little girl in our bedroom assisted by my husband, a duo of midwives, and a doula. It was singularly the greatest day of my life.

I used many tools – meditation, prayer, intention, visioning, womb wisdom – which I now teach to other women. Collectively, they brought me a sense of peace, knowing, and power. Activating these qualities through these practices supports the conception, pregnancy, birth process, and parenting experience. These are tools that transcend physical conception – they are practices that can be used daily.  I activated the deep river of wisdom within me and it guided me every step of the way, and still does.

Living life more consciously means surrounding yourself with people who think outside the box. This allows your own awareness to expand into more intentional creating. Of course, this process relates to almost anything we create in life. But there’s no better illustration of consciously conceiving in life than the giving of life itself to another precious soul.

Here are 5 steps to Conscious Conception:

      •     Be conscious of your thoughts. Every thought is a choice because every thought is what you are focusing on. It is from a place of clear awareness and alignment that you will make conscious choices. Prenatal and perinatal psychology explores conception, pregnancy, birth and the first months of life.  Scientific research now shows that what we think and feel affects both the mother and the fetus. Know that there is a living intelligence encoded in your cellular structure, as well as the cellular structure of your fetus.

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      •     Consciously breathe and re-focus any fearful or worry thoughts. As you breathe, acknowledge any limiting thoughts of fear or worry and consciously choose to replace them with thoughts that create a sense of well-being within you. Don’t beat yourself up when you find yourself slipping; take a moment and move your awareness into a thought that feels better.

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      •     Be conscious of your intentions. Becoming clear about what it is you want applies to conception, birth plan, labor, adoption, parenting – and, actually, everything. The Universe is a big YES machine and it responds to exactly what we hold in our minds, our consciousness. So, when you initiate calling a baby to you, get clear about your intention. And add, “this or something better” to whatever it is you are intending. This allows the spaciousness for Spirit to bring to you your highest good.

      •     Consciously express gratitude. Before you get out of bed in the morning, start your day with “Thank you.” This doesn’t mean that you may not have days when you feel crummy. It means that you don’t let the crummy feelings dictate your reality. Take a deep breath, or many deep breaths, get out a piece of paper, write down the gremlins and then list all the things you feel grateful for, from the most obvious and mundane to the sublime. Allow the feeling-tone of gratitude for all that you currently have to fill you up. Put your focus on what you have rather than what you don’t. There’s an old adage that says, “What you place your attention on expands.” And let go of judgments of yourself. You may find yourself repeating this exercise over and over again. I certainly have.

      •     Consciously release stressful situations whenever possible. When you find yourself in a conversation or an environment that is stressful, do whatever is necessary to disengage from it. Surround yourself with uplifting, supportive reading material, music, and people that support your choices. Explore all that calls to you regarding birth and parenting. What’s most important in activating conscious conception is that you create an environment within and around you that allows you to be receptive to the magic and mystery of conscious conception.

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 If you cultivate the garden of your soul, a spaciousness develops within you. In this space, there is deep love and reverence for yourself, your children,  your partner, for all living beings. Through the application of these tools and the practice of “conscious conception,” you will find that you are continually co-creating a life beyond your wildest dreams.

May you find great peace, love and beauty as you journey through life using the practice of conscious conception in all areas of your life. I am available to support you further with one on one sessions and speaking engagements by appointment.

Please visit the Million Mamas Movement website and let me know how this practice of conscious creation has impacted your life.

Wendy Silvers is the founder of the Million Mamas Movement, an organization dedicated to women and children thriving throughout the world. She is passionate about creating a culture of peace led by the mamas, supported by all. Wendy is also a Parenting Educator, Speaker, Licensed Spiritual Counselor under the mentorship of Michael Beckwith, Hypnotherapist and Psychic/Spiritual Medium.

Wendy draws upon 25 years of immersion in spiritual, psychological and personal transformation practices to support women in breaking free of generational patterning. Through one-on-one sessions and group programs, she also teaches compassionate parenting. She has dialogued with many modern day peace emissaries and visionary wisdom teachers and is a Huffington Post contributor. Wendy is a proud mama to a tweenager .  

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