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The Daddy Delivery Day Game Bag

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Calling all expecting dads.  I am sure that you have a lot of friends and family asking you if you have your “Daddy Bag” packed and ready to go?  If you are like me, it took awhile before I realized what that meant.  The daddy game bag is the bag that you, as the expectant dad should have packed in advance and ready to “GO” for the hospital or birthing center.  I thought I would make a few suggestions of items to pack that I have learned can be essential over the last few decades of having my seven children.

Note to the home birthing dads in the crowd, prepping for this is a hell of a lot easier, since you will be home, however, I suggest you organize it all just the same so it is at your finger tips.    

“Daddy Delivery Day Game Bag”

  1. First and foremost is the game bag itself.  Make it a dedicated bag for this event; so it can sit and be ready to go, it should NOT have a dual purpose.  I recommend the Daddy Diaper Pack™, or the DaddyCinch Sack by Daddyscrubs.
  2. Reading material – Kindle or similar device, loaded and charged with a new book to read, or pick up a paperback or hard back book, that you would like to read and pack it away.  If you are currently relying on the Kindle for reading, then you need to start keeping it wherever it is you are normally placing your wallet and keys.
  3. Music – I-pod, or similar music device, and portable speaker system.  There are travel size speaker systems that work very well.   Also pack headphones in case, mommy does not want to listen music at the same time you do.
  4. Toiletries:  Toothbrush and toothpaste, or bring about a dozen  disposable toothbrushes.  Deodorant.  Anything beyond this is up to you.  Shave kit, personal shampoo and conditioner, face wash etc.
  5. Medications:  Advil, and Tylenol for any aches and pains or headaches you may get from sleeping in the hard hospital chair all night long.  Throat lozenges and chapstick are good, as the hospital air can be drying, and you do not want to get sick.  Personal hand sanitizer, although there are machines all over the hospital, it is always nice to have your own bottle, so you can use it when needed.
  6. Nutrition:  Water and food bars.  Perhaps some peanuts if you are not allergic for some extra protein and salt.
  7. Money: – Change for parking, change for vending machines, a Starbucks card, as most hospitals have Starbucks inside nowadays.  And about $20 extra bucks for that emergency run to the hospital cafeteria.
  8. Clothing:  I highly recommend packing a set of Daddyscrubs™.  They are medical style scrubs that are super comfortable for the new dad to wear throughout the entire stay from Labor and Delivery to Post Partum.  Pack a few extra t-shirts, socks and underwear.  I would also recommend a hat, once you have gone through the night, it might be time to put on a hat to help control the hair.
  9. For Her:  Although she will pack her own bag, there are a few things you can bring for her that may be helpful.  Preselect a Hallmark Card to give to her after the baby arrives. Bring one fake rose or flower to pop in a vase at a moments notice.  Try to find a favorite picture of the two of you, frame it, and bring it along.
  10. Most Important:  Bring your “A-game”, be alert, awake, attentive, and ready to help and support her wherever needed.  Remember, she is “having the baby”; you are there to help.  Do not complain about your issues, tired, hungry; have to sleep on a chair, feet hurt.  “Just keep reminding your self, She is Having a Baby”.
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Good luck guys – and remember:

“Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a daddy!”

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Robert Nickell, Founder and CEO of Daddy Scrubs


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